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Often, it’s not the big ticket items that really set us back financially – it’s the small decisions we make on a daily basis that really add up. Consider: saving just $5 a day can add up to $1825 – enough to invest or put in an emergency fund. The more you save each day, the better shape your finances will be in. Here’s how to make better decisions each day. Make eating out a treat rather than a daily thing. Most of us grab a coffee on the way to work, eat at a cafeteria for lunch, and get take out from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it does really add up. Making your own lunch and coffee can mean big savings. Even eating out a few times a year at a fancy restaurant can cost less than daily meals and drinks you don’t really enjoy or even finish. Don’t buy food you’ll waste. Most of us buy food that gets tossed out. It’s throwing your money out! Stop the bad habit by having a small selection of meals you make regularly. This will ensure that you use up the same ingredients over and over, leaving nothing to go to waste. Look out for tiny expenses. The $1 for a paper or a gum makes no sense if you can read the paper online for free or can buy gum for $0.25 at the grocery store to carry with you. Do not pay for convenience. Plan ahead and save.…

How to Create A Great Home While Paying Less for Furniture and Décor

Creating a great and comfortable home is a priority for most of us. A great home is important for entertaining friends, relaxing, and just enjoying peace of mind. While magazines may tell us that we need to spend thousands of dollars decorating and outfitting each room, this is just not true. No one has to take out personal loans or run up a credit card to have a great home. In fact, you shouldn’t have to borrow at all in order to enjoy great surroundings. Here’s how to make a home great on a shoestring budget.

Take your time setting up a new home. Yes, you could go into a furniture store and buy everything new, but this can cost a small fortune. Instead, budget for home décor and buy pieces of furniture gradually. You’ll be able to buy better quality and you’ll be able to avoid debt.

Look to where the bargains are. Most furniture stores have “as is” or “clearance” rooms where they stock floor models and furniture that is slightly damaged. In some cases, the “damage” can be a tiny scratch you can’t even see, but the savings are huge. You can find furniture at 70% and 80% off.

Buy used items. Used bookshelves, sofas, tables, chairs, and lamps cost a fraction of the price of the real deal and in many cases they are a nice quality than you would be able to find if you bought new.

Do it yourself. Sewing your own curtains, painting and framing your own art pieces, and stitching together your own bed skirts mean big savings and a style that is uniquely your own.…