How to Pay Less for Electronics

How to Pay Less for ElectronicsElectronics –- including video systems, gaming systems, televisions and stereos – can easily cost you a great deal of money. Of course, you want to have nice electronics in your home – but you don’t have to pay a small fortune. Here’s how to save big:
Buy technology that is at least a year old. The very newest electronics will always cost more because they are new. In six months to a year, though, this stuff will drop rapidly in value. Plus, every new generation of a technology will be stronger and better, so it really pays to wait a little.
Shop retail stores for information – but check out used electronics and factory outlets. Look at the prices on electronics available at your local retail stores but then compare prices on used electronics and factory outlets. You might be able to find a good deal. Be sure to check out refurbished electronics too – these are electronics that have been returned on warranty and repaired. They are virtually new, often still on warranty, and come with a tiny price tag.
Pay cash. Avoid getting personal loans, store financing, credit card advances or payday loans to pay for electronics. This is definitely an item you will want to save and budget for, since paying extra interest on your purchase will drive your price up further.…