Reducing Clothing Costs

Reducing Clothing CostsFor most of us, clothing is not just a necessity – it’s also a fun shopping experience and a very personal and emotional buy. Unfortunately, that sort of thinking can land you in huge debt. Some people run up their credit cards and take out personal loans to finance a wonderful wardrobe. Some shoppers even take out costly payday loans to buy those must-have shoes and outfits. Here’s how to save cash while still looking great:
Take the emotions out of clothes. Advertisers spend billions of dollars ensuring that you view clothing as an ultimate expression of yourself, but savvy ads mean fashion mistakes as well as money mistakes. Buying that designer bag will not make you look better – buying the right clothes will. If you have a hard time breaking the designer habit, indulge in a wardrobe consultant service for a day. This investment will show you how to buy beautiful clothes without breaking the bank.
Strategize. Clothes are meant to be worn together, and you will have more clothing options with less money if you create a color scheme that allows you to create lots of great looks with fewer individual items. This is a secret French women – known all over the world for their style – swear by.
Look for less expensive ways to buy. Consignment stores and vintage stores sell great looks at a fraction of the price of retail chains. Factory outlet stores and sales can also be a budget-friendly way to build your closet up.…